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Professional Insurance Services represents several excellent short term major medical health insurance companies.


There are many reasons that people may need short term major medical health insurance:

  • Coverage between jobs
  • Coverage between school and a job
  • As temporary major medical health insurance coverage for early retirees until Medicare eligibility
  • Those who want a less expensive alternative to the Health Care Reform mandated “Qualified Health Plans” on the Federal, State or Federal/State Partnerships Exchanges.

     Short Term major medical health insurance plans have limited underwriting and do not cover pre-existing conditions. They do, however, cover new health conditions that begin after the effective date.

     Short term major medical health insurance plans may be purchased for as few as 30 days and up to 365 days. When the term period expires, you may buy another plan, but you cannot renew the same plan. Any health conditions that occur under the first plan will then be considered a pre-existing health condition under the new short term major medical health insurance plan. Therefore, it may not be covered under the new short term plan even though it may have been covered under the initial short term plan.

     Several of our short term major medical insurance companies offer a 12-month (365 day) benefit period. That means that your coverage is good for a full year. If you need another short term plan at the end of that period you can buy another for an additional 12 months.  If you purchase your short term plan at a time that coincides with the annual open enrollment period in the new health insurance exchanges, you can discontinue the short term plan and buy a guarantee issue major medical plan on the exchanges on a guarantee- issue basis. Beginning in October 2014, the open enrollment period for the exchanges will run from October 15 - Dec 7 each year and thereafter for a January 1st effective date.




     Short term major medical plans are not eligible for any federal or state premium subsidies.

If you buy a short term major medical plan you will still be required to pay the federal fine for not having a “Qualified Health Plan” (QHP) since short term major medical plans do not include the “Essential Health Benefits” that are required to be included in a “QHP”.


     Even though you will still be required to pay the fine,  for not having a “QHP, your total premiums will be significantly less than if you were covered on a “QHP” becausethey will be the much higher cost plans.


The insurance companies that we carry that offer a 12-month benefit period on their short term major medical pans are:

  • Health Insurance Innovations (HII)
  • Health Plan Administrators (HPA)
  • IHC Health Solutions (IHC)

Once you find a short term major medical health insurance plan that fits your needs, you may run free quotes and even enroll in the short term major medical health insurance plan of your choice, online, without contacting an agent.


Just select from the short term major medical health insurance company links below or you may feel free to call Professional Insurance Services for help.


Updated June 28, 2013



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Short Term Major Medical