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Dental Insurance

Professional Insurance Services, Inc. offers different types of Dental Insurance plans.  Dental insurance comes in several forms.  Some Dental Insurance plans require a network of dentist be used and some allow the use of any dentist.


Individual Dental Insurance

Professional Insurance Services, Inc. offers individual dental insurance.   Individual Dental Insurance is purchased by individuals, families and the self-employed that have no dental coverage available through an employer.  Individual Dental Insurance plans have many of the features of a group employer dental plan.  However, as a general, rule Individual Dental Insurance does not normally cover orthodontics. In addition, Individual Dental Insurance usually has waiting periods before some types of coverage become available (usually Basic and Major Services).  Some individual dental insurance plans have annual deductibles that have to be met before some services are covered.


Group Dental Insurance

Professional Insurance Services, Inc. offers group dental insurance.  Group Dental Insurance is purchased by an employer in order to provide dental insurance coverage to their employees.  The primary difference in individual and group dental insurance is that group dental insurance usually has no waiting period before services are covered and Group Dental insurance plans usually do offer orthodontia.

Group Dental Insurance plans are available as Voluntary and Non-Voluntary plans.  Under Non-Voluntary plans all employees are covered under the same plan and employee participation and employer contributions are required.  Under a Voluntary Dental Insurance plan, there is no employee participation required and there is also no employer contribution required.


Combination Dental Insurance

Professional Insurance Services, inc. also offers combination dental nsurance.  Combination Dental Insurance plans usually cover more than just dental care.  They can also include both vision and hearing benefits (known as Dental-Vision-Hearing plans).  Combination plans offer what is referred to as "A bucket or a pool of money" approach, which means that all three conditions can be paid from the same bucket or pool of money.   Combination Dental insurance plans usually are written as individual and family plans rather than as group plans.  However, they can be list billed to the employer and premiums can be taken from an employee's check on a voluntary basis.  Employers usually do not contribute to the cost of Combination Dental plans.

Combination Dental Insurance plans are an excellent program for seniors since they cover more than just dental. The vision and hearing benefits can be of tremendous value to seniors.


Types of Dental Care

There are generally 4 types of dental care offered on most Dental Insurance plans, whether they be Individual Dental Insurance, Group Dental Insurance or Combination Dental Insurance plans.

Preventative Services - Preventive Services may include:

  • Initial & Periodic Exams
  • Cleanings
  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Space maintainers

Basic Services - Basic services may include:

  • X-rays
  • Fillings
  • Simple Extractions

Major Services - Major services may include:

  • Oral Surgery
  • Endodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Crowns, Bridges and Dentures

Orthodontics Services - Orthodontics services include:

  • Braces, etc.

Professional Insurance Services, Inc. offers Employer Group Dental Insurance, Individual Dental Insurance and Combination Dental Insurance plans with the insurance the companies shown below.

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Dental-Vision-Hearing Combo:



Employer Group Dental:


Individual and Family Dental