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Disability Income Replacement Health Insurance





Disability income replacement health Insurance is one of the most important forms of health insurance available. 

Disability insurance is designed to replace your income if you should become unable to work and pay your bills.

The odds of your house burning down, flooding or being damaged by a storm are much less that that of you becoming disabled to work due to an injury or illness, but you would never chance going without insurance on your home.

Your most important asset is not your home or your car.  It is YOU!

Becoming disabled to work could be worse than dying for your family.   If you die your family may have life insurance through private insurance or work, but if you become disabled not only does your family need to be supported financially, so will you, since you are not working to provide for any member of the family, including yourself.   You still need to be clothed and fed and have a roof over your head along with the rest of the family, but your income will be cut out

Disability income replacement health insurance is available to individuals, the self employed and to employer groups for their employees.  Professional Insurance Services can help you with disability income replacement health insurance on yourself or,  if you are in business, your employees.

We represent Allied National, Mutual of Omaha, Standard Security Life and Ohio National for group and individual disability.

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